Actual footage of Game of Stones adventure from Incognito escape rooms in Dublin, Ireland
Title of Game of Stones adventure from Incognito escape rooms in Dublin, Ireland
Wanted: Brave knights to embark on a perilous quest to find the missing Dragon Egg, save the seven Kingdoms from the Army of the Dead.

All footage is from the actual rooms

Actual video of Game of Stones escape room from Incognito escape rooms from Dublin, Ireland

What is this game about?

Adventures Game of Stones backstory by Incognito escape room Dublin, Ireland


Many moons ago during the great war against the Army of the Dead. Dragons helped mankind defend the 7 Kingdoms from destruction & helped restore peace to the land. But that peace may soon come to an end.
Adventures Game of Stones scene by Incognito escape room Dublin, Ireland


Recently a vision was had, foreseeing the return of the Army of the Dead. And with no Dragons left to help mankind, the 7 Kingdoms may be doomed. But hope is not lost.
Adventures Game of Stones mission by Incognito escape room Dublin, Ireland


Brave Knights you have been summoned to undertake an important task. Help find the missing Dragon Egg before the hour is up & return it safely to the king's council, so we may grow a new Dragon to help save the 7 Kingdoms.


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review stars image
This is my 2nd time going to the Incognito Escape room and as expected, it was as good as the 1st time! We went for the Game of Stones room and it was soooooo goooddd! So many surprises and we really had to use our senses to figure out the puzzles! The room was very well thought out and it was just simply amazing!
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review stars image
We were stuck for a fun activity to do in Dublin as 'adults', and this was a fantastic find! Firstly and most importantly, Cillian (Krakens-Bane, Supreme Advisor) was the star of the show, such a cool guy with so much passion and humor. He really made the whole experience come to life! We chose the 'Game of Stones' escape room, and it was a struggle.. but a fun struggle. Dark, fabulous themed decor, mysterious, and challenging - we loved everything about it! Thanks again Cillian for providing us with an excellent start to the Birthday celebrations!
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review stars image
This was my second time at Incognito Escape Rooms. This time we did ‘Game of Stones’. Our gamemaster, Bronwyn, gave a great introduction to the room and got us hyped for the game. The room itself looked superb. I won’t give anything away avoid the game but it was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it. Looking forward to going back to do the last escape room.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to be familiar with the Game of Thrones show to be able to play the game?
    Absolutely not, you do not have to be familiar with the show, our game is inspired but not created by any Game of Thrones scenes.
  • Is the game claustrophobic or scary?
    It’s not a scary or claustrophobic game at all. It has a medieval atmosphere which you might find very interesting. :)
  • Can we have more than 8 people in the game?
    To be honest, the answer is no. There is a reason why 8 is an absolute maximum and if you have 9-10 people in total we recommend to book 2 games of your choice at the same time and location.
  • How scary is it?
    It’s not scary generally, it has some short scare moments but it's mostly an adventure style
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