Actual footage of Cabin in the wood adventure from Incognito escape rooms in Dublin, Ireland
Title of Cabin in the wood adventure from Incognito escape rooms in Dublin, Ireland
Get lost in the beauty of the cabin, but don't get lost in the game! Escape the deadly clutches of StitchFace and flee Cabin in the Woods before time runs out

All footage is from the actual rooms

Actual video of Cabin in the wood escape room from Incognito escape rooms from Dublin, Ireland

What is this game about?

Adventures Cabin in the wood backstory by Incognito escape room Dublin, Ireland


The gorgeous woods surrounding a popular camp site are filled with beautiful flora & fauna. However they're also rumoured to hide a secret... a dark secret that's brought tragic endings for those who've been foolish enough to venture too deep into these woods.
Adventures Cabin in the wood scene by Incognito escape room Dublin, Ireland


You arrive for a nice camping trip but soon your car breaks down & you've no way of calling for help as there's no signal. You take your chances to find shelter & come across a lone cabin you think may provide refuge. But as you explore around... a door suddenly slams shut behind you, trapping you!!!
Adventures Cabin in the wood mission by Incognito escape room Dublin, Ireland


You have one hour, just one hour to find a way out of the Cabin before the killer known only as StitchFace returns & adds you to his gruesome list of victims. Can you outsmart the killer, find the means of escape & flee the dreaded "Cabin in the Woods'' ?!


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review stars image
We recently done cabin in the woods as a group of 7. Brilliant experience and just completed it with 4 seconds left . We had a brilliant laugh while doing it so would highly recommend it . Our game master Luke was amazing and so helpful throughout, he really made the game as amazing as it was . So big thank you to Luke for everything , he was so friendly and a great contributor to the overall experience.
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review stars image
Our first proper escape room and it being a horror themed one was fantastic. It was challenging, fun and scary! The whole experience was made so much better with Aoife as our game master, She was so much fun and so positive! We finished it with 3 minutes left so it was very intense and we will be 100% returning for another room, and to try the new venue when it is set up.
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review stars image
Fantastic experience doing 'Cabin in the Woods'! We went as part of a team building day and it exceeded all of our expectations! Caitlin was very helpful (we definitely needed some hints to get us going) and it was just a brilliant experience! None of us had done an escape room before and we would highly recommend it to anyone!

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Cabin in the Woods recommended to children?
    If the child is not easily scared there is no reason not to attend the game. Please note that this game contains small dark spaces which can trigger claustrophobia and/or panic attacks. Our experience shows that kids are better with horror theme games than adults :)
  • How scary is it?
    It’s a horror theme game but it is really not as scary as you might think. The overall feeling is creepiness and slight fear but really depends on the type of person you are, meaning, are you easily scared or not? It is not the scariest game you will play and you are supported by our Game masters who are there to help you out if fear gets to you too much.
  • Is it claustrophobic?
    Yes, it has small spaces and can be a trigger for claustrophobia. Our staff is trained for this situation and there is no reason not to participate if you suffer from this condition, just let us know via email/call or at the venue and we will make sure to create a comfortable environment for you. Is it an indoor or outdoor game? It is an indoor game based in our Bridgefoot street venue the same as our other two games.
  • Can we bring more than 10 people?
    To be honest, the answer is no. There is a reason why 10 is an absolute maximum and if you have 11 people in total we are strongly recommending to book 2 games at the same time and location.
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