All the content of portable escape room that is available to rent from Incognito escape rooms in Dublin, Ireland


Unlock the mystery of Aunt Daisy's Legacy with our portable escape room box - where science, history, and puzzle-solving come together to challenge your mind. Can you solve the enigma of the missing robot and unravel the secrets of Aunt Daisy's invention?
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Frequently asked questions

  • Who can rent a portable escape room?
    Anyone can rent a portable escape room for their event, including companies, party planners, and event organizers who want to offer a fun and challenging activity to their guests.
  • Is a game master really mandatory during the rental?
    Yes, a game master is required during the rental of a portable escape room to assist players who get stuck on puzzles and to reset the game between groups.
  • How many portable games are available?
    At the moment we have 4 portable games available.
  • What is the maximum number of players per box?
    We recommend up to 6 people.