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Top Rated Escape Room Games in Dublin.

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Book your game online in 3 steps.

Escape in 60 minutes

You and your team have 1 hour to escape.

Clues & Puzzles

Think outside the box, find clues and hidden messages and develop the team building skills.


We accept players from any age.

Friends & Families

Have an exciting day with your friends and family, working together to escape from our rooms.


Enhance staff interaction, improve communication and develop team building skills with challenging games.


Looking for something exciting in Dublin? Enjoy one of the best indoor activities in Dublin. Something completely different and challenging.


Play video game in real life. Challenge your mates, solve smart puzzles, thing out of the box. Beat the game in 60 minutes.


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Answers to common questions below...

Are your games private?

Yes, all our games are private and you won’ be mixed with other groups.

Who can play this game?

You can play this game together with your family members or colleagues from work or play it as a corporate game and have fun with them for one hour.

Why should I join in this game?

We offers you an experience different from other classic activities done as a group; you can find the opportunity to test your concentration, observation, problem solving and decision making competencies in practice and you will have great fun.

Are there films or games similar to this activity?

There are many computer games in which you proceed finding hidden things or solving puzzles. The Silent Hill could be given as an example. In addition to TV shows such as The Crystal Maze and The Cube, the films such as the Cube, the Saw and the Room of Fermat also cover the same concept.

How difficult is the game?

The game is designed to be completed in 60 minutes by concentration and solving the puzzles. You do not need any special talent other than using your brain and acting fast. This, however, does not necessarily mean that everybody can finish the game!

Do we have to wear special costumes to play the game?

No. You can wear whatever makes you comfortable.

Will it be safe during the game?

Yes. There will be real time monitoring in all of the rooms. You can finish the game whenever you want and leave the room.

How many people can we accommodate?

We can accommodate 26 people at the same time split into 3 different games..

Are your rooms wheelchair accessible?



Price is per person for one game


35€ per person


30€ per person


25€ per person


22€ per person


20€ per person


Does your team have what it takes?

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The #1 rated Fun and Games attraction in Ireland!

“Best room I have done.”

This is easily the best escape room in Dublin. Great challenge, amazing detail, intricate puzzles and easily the kindest and friendliest hosts I have ever met. I cant even think of a negative about my experience.
No matter if you're a first timer or a seasoned veteran this is the place to go.
I look forward to returning as soon as possible!
Thanks for the great time and hospitality!
- Steve


Please feel free to contact us if you have any question

4 Bridgefoot street
Dublin 8, Ireland

083 846 2700

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